OmniPlan for iPad Brings On-the-Go Productivity

11 June 2012, 10:12 am EDT By Jonathan Charles Mobile & Apps

OmniPlan, the developers behind the desktop productivity app of the same name, has launched an iPad app to complement its OS X version. The app features a visual timeline, syncing capabilities and scheduling tools.

Tapping the Plus button starts new projects, where the name of the project can be tapped, and users tap "Done" to finish. Tap the Plus button to add a milestone, tap Edit and select Group. The duration of a task can be reduced or increased by dragging a slider.

If a task needs to be finished before the next can start, tap a selected task to toggle the connection arrows, which can be dragged. Tapping Edit can connect multiple tasks at once. The Info button can also edit the details and change the color of tasks.

Tapping the Plus icon on the Resource pop-over adds other resources - the people, equipment and materials necessary to track efficiency. The schedule can be customized for a particular resource, by dragging the handles to adjust the resource's normal work hours. Tapping Exception adds overtime or time off.

To assign a task, select Task or Group and select the Resource pop-over to choose Assignment. Choose the resource to assign, and the time of the task automatically adjusts depending on the amount of people assigned. Automatic Leveling balances the workload.

The Project Info can manage the overall details of the project. Sync allows the project to be assigned to a shared server for collaboration. Changes are shown, and tapping the View pop-over allows changes to be accepted or rejected. Tapping Baselines compares the pre-defined plan with the actual plan.

Some users have questioned the price of OmniPlan (download here), $49.99. For casual, occasional users the price is probably too high. However the app is more likely aimed at busy professionals, such as game developers as shown in the video. Considering the app supports work hours and collaborating with other team members, the office environment seems to be the target audience.

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