AI Enabled Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Is Slated To Release In April 2017 At NYC

30 December 2016, 5:00 am EST By Hemal Vora Mobile & Apps

Though 2016 has not been a very happening year for Samsung with series of controversies surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the upcoming year is expected to make things right for the South Korean Tech giant. The company has been trying hard to get back to the top after the severe issue of exploding Note 7 smartphones in 2016. The company plans to make a bounce with its upcoming flagship device Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Expected Release of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

It is a usual practice for Samsung to release its upcoming smartphones of the year at the Mobile World Congress. However, reports suggest that the company would release the Galaxy Note 8 flagship in the month of April on a standalone event planned in New York, as reported by BGR. This is again a slightly different move than Samsung's three-year tradition of conduction tech conferences in Spain. The MWC is slated to happen on at 2017 at Barcelona. The delay in the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is because the company is taking its time to ensure that there are no discrepancies as posed by the Note 7 smartphone in the upcoming device.

The Galaxy Note 7 Fiasco

It is notable that though Galaxy Note 7 broke all the pre-order records in South Korea causing a shortage of stock in other parts of the world, its defective and exploding batteries led to the loss of a lot of revenue and millions of customers, as reported by CNET.

Samsung's Virtual Assistant App

The company has been trying to lure its customers to gain back their trust with its new Artificial intelligence feature that will be included in its upcoming smartphones. The virtual assistant app is similar to Apple's Siri. However, it is considered better as it not only integrates with the smartphone but also with home appliances and wearable gear. It can create its own programs to handle tasks and understand user queries in a better way.

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