'A Lot' Of Unreal Engine 4 Titles Coming To Nintendo Switch

3 January 2017, 7:24 am EST By Jason Glenn Mobile & Apps

Nintendo Switch is coming in a few months, and Nintendo is learning form their previous mistakes with the Wii U and maintains their wide range of innovation designs. For the company to attract third party publishers to produce games for the console, they have to make sure that they have updated game engines so games run smoothly on the upcoming console.

GoNintendo reported that Takayuki Kawasaki, the territory manager for Epic Games, said that the Nintendo Switch will be supported by the Unreal Engine 4 including "a lot" of titles that are using the Unreal Engine technology on the console. Unreal Engine 4 is a "complete suite of game development tools" that is created by game developers made for game developers.

There will also be major title and new games which are included in the release; he is hoping also that the Japanese console business picks up more steam from Switch's arrival. Kawasaki also said that "Dragon Quest XI", which has a traditional turn-based battle system, will also be using the Unreal Engine 4.

Kawasaki is also hoping that the Nintendo Switch will revive the console's gaming market in Japan according to WWG. Since there are more people heading towards mobile and handheld games, there has been a decline in Nintendo's console sales.

The website also recommended game that would be great on the Switch that runs an Unreal Engine 4 like the "Final Fantasy VII Remake", "Kingdom Hearts 3", "Dragon Quest XI", and "Tekken 7." The Nintendo Switch was announced last October 2016 and will be available worldwide this March 2017.

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