'Pokemon Go': Mewtwo Event A No-Show Despite Confirmation; Mysterious Legendary Pokemon Nowhere Found After Gen 2 Update [VIDEO]

7 January 2017, 7:00 am EST By Vinay Patel Mobile & Apps

Much to the dismay of avid "Pokemon Go" fans, Mewtwo did not make an appearance in the main Gen. 2 update despite confirmation.

The original trailer hinted at a looming encounter with the evil Mewtwo in a huge "Pokemon Go" showdown with several other players. As awesome as the idea appeared to be back then, this, and few other things the trailer promised did not come to fruition. The trailer also guaranteed that the update would enable trading between players as well as player-versus-player pick up battles when it arrives July 2016.

While the aforesaid omissions from the trailer are definitely huge, the absence of Mewtwo is without an iota of doubt the most glaring of them all. Niantic's mobile sensation, "Pokemon Go" has shown no signs of Mewtwo since the game released last year.

Mewtwo In 'Pokemon Go'

Mewtwo is a distinctively tough Pokemon that was spawned by genetic manipulation. Regrettably, the scientists who created Mewtwo forgot to give it a compassionate heart, according to its description on the official Pokemon website.

Moreover, Mewtwo is capable of giving players a tough fight in "Pokemon Red And Blue" crushing a lot of leading characters in the Pokemon anime, according to Bulbadpedia.

Considering Mewtwo's importance in Pokemon lore, his entrance into "Pokemon Go" cannot be anything short of a grand event. It would be fitting for an epic figure such as Mewtwo to be introduced via a holiday update or a special event.

Besides, Mewtwo is one of the last Gen 1 Pokemon that players of the hit augmented reality game need to complete their Pokedexes. It is worth nothing that legendary birds and Mew are nowhere to be found as well.

So there is a possibility that Niantic is currently hard at work on some sort of colossal group battle for "Pokemon Go." Although trading and pick-fights seem to be larger priorities for the game developer, Mewtwo will make an appearance in the course of time.

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