'Final Fantasy XV' Tips And Tricks: How To Earn More Gils In Final Fantasy XV [video tutorial]

10 January 2017, 9:32 am EST By Jason Palmer Mobile & Apps

Earning Gils in the "Final Fantasy XV" video game world may not come as easy as other top RPGs. Unlike in other RPGs, killing monsters in FFXV does not yield to a significant amount of money. However, this does not mean players should spend all their time killing monsters just to increase their gil stash as there are a number of proven ways on how to earn more gils.

The first proven way to earn a considerable amount of "Final Fantasy XV" gils is to do hunting contracts. Doing even the easier hunting contracts could yield to thousands of gils. To do a "Final Fantasy XV" hunting contract, a player must check the restaurants in each town and speak with the restaurant owner for any hunt mission. To ensure that a player can finish a given hunt mission, a player must first check the recommended rank for the hunt mission.

For a higher pay check and more stable jobs, players must look for Holly or Vyv at the Lestallum's parking area in Chapter 3 or at the Lestallum Power Plant in Chapter 8. The payout for each Holly "Final Fantasy XV" mission is about 7,500 gils. Holly missions typically require players to explore certain areas within the FFXV world. Vyv missions pay higher as it gives players with an amount within the range of 5,000 to 25,000 gils. Vyv missions require players to capture photos from different locations.

Another way to earn gils in "Final Fantasy XV" is through carrot farming. Once the carrots are harvested, a player can sell them to the restaurant owner standing beside a tree at Cape Caem. The restaurant owner can offer as much as 500 gils for each carrot.

Selling treasures which are acquired throughout the game may also be a great way to earn "Final Fantasy XV" gils. However, it is advisable for players to get info about the treasure before selling them as some treasures may actually be of great help to their characters.

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