'XCOM 2' Long War 2 Mod Coming With New Weapon Class; Lead Designer Says Mod Is 'Casual Player Friendly'

11 January 2017, 3:56 am EST By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano Mobile & Apps

"XCOM 2" moves forward with another upcoming mod called "Long War 2." After the first was widely received by many, the newest one revealed just another reason for the game to be liked even more.

The 2K and Firaxis title has worked with Pavonis Interactive, formerly known as Long War Studios, in creating what comes next for the renowned mod. According to GameSpot, a weapon class known as Coilguns will surface for "Long War 2," with a tier class that stands between Mag and Beam weapons. This makes it the second strongest gun in the game, going behind the Beam types.

It was revealed, as well, that the new "XCOM 2" weapons will not come as a hand-out to players, similar to that of the well-balanced and carefully fabricated predecessor. Players will need to earn the weapons in what the said GameSpot report noted as a "considerable investment" to equip the soldiers with. There were no other details provided on "Long War 2," but it is expected that more will surface in the weeks ahead.

The previous "Long War" mod was known for the difficulty it presents, as Eurogamer reports. "The original Long War's DNA was that of a hardcore mod. And while we made plenty of effort to open it up for a wider playerbase once its popularity grew, it kept its reputation as being very challenging. This go-round, we've tried to broaden our appeal by keeping the lower difficulty levels of Long War 2 more accessible to casual players who would still like to take part in an extended campaign experience," lead designer John Lumpkin explained.

The modding team Pavonis Interactive is considered the most effective one to date, with the likes of the original "Long War" mod that became the total conversion mod for "XCOM: Enemy Unknown." So far, no release date has been given for the "XCOM 2" mod.

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