Dell Canvas vs Microsoft Surface Studio Specs and Features: Dell Releases Touchscreen Monitor Similar to Microsoft Offering; Cost is Almost Half as Surface Studio

12 January 2017, 7:27 am EST By Nens Mitchell Mobile & Apps

Dell has recently released a tablet monitor that looks and feels like the Microsoft Surface Studio but costs a little more than half the price of the latter. It certainly is a cheaper alternative for those wanting to use a big touchscreen monitor which can be hooked to a computer.

Dell Canvas specs and features

Dubbed the Dell Canvas, the tablet sports a 27-inch anti-glare display which runs when paired to a Windows 10 device. Just like the Microsoft Surface Studio, users can also draw on its screen using a stylus and make more specific commands and controls using the Totem which is similar to the Surface Dial.

If the Surface Studio is already an all-in-one computer, the Dell Canvas only functions as an accessory. Its target customers are architects and artists who already do their work on their tablets.

The Dell Canvas 27's resolution is just at 2560 x 1440 which can be considered low. However, Dell noted that a lower resolution is necessary for the monitor to work with all types of computers.

Price details

Users also have the option to pin applications on the display edges for easier access. Expected to become available this coming April, the Dell Canvas will sell for $1,799 which is a little more than half of the $3,000 price tag of the Surface Studio.

Because of the resemblance of the Dell Canvas to the Microsoft Surface Studio, many have asked if Dell copied the concept of the Surface Studio into the touchscreen monitor. A representative from the company claimed that they have been developing the tablet for years but did not know about the Surface Studio.

To make the Dell Canvas more functional, the company also added a touchpad and keyboard which also appear on the screen so these are easier to click and control. What do you think of the new Dell accessory?

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