YouTubers' Attention Called for Vlogs Being 'Home-based Businesses;' Neighbors File Complaints; County Explains Further

15 January 2017, 12:01 am EST By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano Mobile & Apps

A certain YouTuber by the name of "KOSDFF" recently got in a pickle with a few other YouTubers that got fined for running their respective channels. As much as it may sound upsetting, the particular social media personalities are accused of running a home-based business without a license.

The situation proved to be quite odd, with the aforementioned YouTuber, whose real name is Justin Chandler, being called by the Homeowner's Association of Cobb County Georgia for operating a business from home. According to Kotaku, things started when an upset neighbor called over a parked car within Chandler's premises.

Chandler admitted taking the matters to social media, wherein he mentioned how those living inside the house can be fined of up to $136 per day for the said allegations. Chandler then started to question whether shooting and uploading YouTube videos is considered a business or not, saying that millions of Americans and citizens all over the world do the same thing. Chandler implied that his equipment was being pointed out as the primary source of suspicion, but also gave out a few notable matters to think through.

As per AJC, Cobb Bounty Head of Community Development Dana Johnson said that there are more factors to consider regarding the violations of those within the house. This includes having too many unrelated people that reside in the same house and not having a business license for their work -- which Chandler said he applied for and was given right away.

Johnson explained his side on abiding by the regulations of the area. "There are specific rules for running a business out of your home, which differs from those in a commercial area, to ensure that the residential integrity of neighborhoods are not compromised," he stated. However, an existing issue still bothers Chandler, that being the zoning laws they are forced to live with.

Chandler has received offers to set up work in other counties without the repercussions for him and his friends. Chandler is the leader of the group known as Team Kaliber, which moved to Georgia from New York and is comprised of professional "Call of Duty" players.

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