macOS Beta: Latest New Feature 'Display Brightness' Conserves Battery Life; Here’s Why [VIDEO]

18 January 2017, 6:26 am EST By Pia Merci Mobile & Apps

The battery life performance of Apple's new MacBook has been an issue on everybody's radar. But with Apple's latest macOS Beta, it reportedly introduces a new feature that would somehow help users to better preserve battery life.

The recent incarnation of the macOS menu bar already notifies users as to which apps happen to be draining the battery. Now, with the latest modification of macOS beta, it now includes a "Display Brightness" string under the "Using Significant Energy" header.

First spotted by MacRumors, users have discovered that the brightness on the display will automatically go down to 75% once they click on the "Display Brightness" option. This may sound familiar as it resembles a feature in iOS 9, called as Low Power mode wherein an iOS device's brightness lowers down when the battery life drops below 20%.

Apple's MacBooks are designed to deliver 10 hours of best in class battery life. However, Apple's recent newly and improved MacBook Pro line was currently involved in a mini-controversy.

Consumer Reports found out that Apple's premier notebook line's battery life was widely diverse. Take for example a test result wherein it was found out that the battery life on Apple's non-TouchBar MacBook Pro fluctuated between 4.5 hours and 19 hours, according to BGR.

Because of the said controversy, Apple's new MacBook Pros has marked the first time that Apple's flagship notebook did not receive a "buy" recommendation from the publication. However, over the past few days, Apple was able to identify the problem and eventually issued a software fix that alleviated the said issue.

Following a software fix that Apple rolled out thru its Beta Software Program, Consumer Reports tested Apple's MacBook Pro models once again. It found out that previous battery life issues did no longer exist and gave Apple's new line-up a "buy" recommendation.

Meanwhile, Apple still hasn't placed the "time remaining" option back to the menu bar after removing it last month. It was due to a slew of user complaints regarding its wildly inconsistent estimates.

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