'Monster Hunter XX' Collaborates With 'Sailor Moon' for Nintendo 3DS; Palico Transforms Into Luna

27 January 2017, 5:10 pm EST By Coco Dollanganger Mobile & Apps

Capcom recently revealed that "Monster Hunter XX" is collaborating with "Sailor Moon" in celebration of the latter's 25th anniversary introducing a costume for players' pal Palico to dress up as Luna, a powerful Cutie Moon Rod weapon as well as a code for the series' background Guild Card that can be used as a decoration. The game was first announced in October 2016 and it will be launched in Japan for Nintendo 3DS on March 18.

Luna, the black cat from "Sailor Moon" featured in the exclusive trailer released by Capcom recently where Palico, Monster Hunter's feline friend looking up at the splendid moon when all of a sudden, it magically transformed into Luna. According to a report, the transformation is integrated with the same visuals and sound effects in the original anime where Luna is shown sporting a pink Cutie Moon Rod as she sets off to explore the "Monster Hunter" world.

Luna travels bravely on all-fours or in twos and fights monsters that are twice her size in just a swing of her magical staff and she is seen at the end of the video trailer cheering with her set of pompoms next to "Monster Hunter XX" hero. Siliconera reports previously that the game features Urano Metria, a sword designed by "Fairy Tail" creator Hiro Mashima.

"Monster Hunter XX" is a spin-off of the "Monster Hunter" franchise that was released for the PlayStation 2 where players control a hunter travelling around to complete several quests and hunting monsters obtaining different weapons and armory to level up. The game has become famous to other mediums like manga and anime selections through the years.

As for "Sailor Moon" manga, it was released in 1991, which follows the story of Usagi who obtains magical powers with the help of Luna and fight together against crime to eliminate evil in the world with their group of friends known as Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask. This year, it celebrates its 25th anniversary and has a planned sequel named "Sailor Moon Crystal."

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