Sony's PS4 Pro Is 'Garbage' Compared To Microsoft Xbox One Scorpio, Moon Studios CEO Says [VIDEO]

28 January 2017, 10:03 am EST By Pia Merci Mobile & Apps

Given that PS4 Pro has been already released, there is still a lot of hype building up for Xbox One Scorpio, the Xbox's equivalent for its rival. More so, developers have been reportedly taking an even closer look at Microsoft's newest console. CEO of Moon Studio says that compared to Xbox's incoming upgrade, PS4 Pro is just "half-a**ed".

Thomas Mahler, the CEO of Moon Studio, has given the aforementioned controversial comment. His studio was responsible for "Ori and the Blind Forest". As per his comment on a Neogaf thread, he said that Microsoft will apparently need to do a little effort to make it clear to everyone that the upcoming Scorpio is not just a half-a**d upgrade. He emphasized that the PS4 Pro is kind of which but a full blown next-gen machine that has backward compatibility with console owner's current library, according to iTech Post.

According to GameSpot, "Ori and the Blind Forest" was a PC and Xbox exclusive so possibly, Mahler's comment apparently came off with a little bias. Note that this isn't reportedly the first that Mhaler has shared his thought out online considering his previously expressed frustration at hardware developers. He said that they have been "insanely secretive" with their consoles, causing them to not know what to build since they don't have any clue about the console's specifications.

Moreover, Mhaler had commented on the Nintendo Switch too, according to Geek Tyrant. He said that the said console was "garbage" since his studio was not provided with a dev kit. Its, without a doubt, that Mhaler indeed likes to have his opinions known. But seeing as his studio works closely with Xbox, his comments on the Scorpio come out as apparently heavily biased.

The only question is that will the Xbox One Scorpio live up to people's expectations and apparently; it would depend upon its launch. According to some analysts, Microsoft will need to have a lot of marketing to do aside from wanting to sell it at a more expensive price, they to really emphasize that the Xbox One Scorpio is more powerful compared to the PS4 Pro.

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