'Lego Life' iOS & Android App Features A New Social Network For Kids To Safely Share Their Lego Creations

1 February 2017, 11:54 am EST By CJ Estimada Mobile & Apps

Tailor-made for kids, "Lego Life" is a child-friendly social network for the young ones to share their Lego creations. Social networks aren't really designed for children. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube prevent kids younger than 13 from signing up. This is why Lego is trying to fill the gap with a social network for kids ages 7 to 12 years. 

"Lego Life" Intended For Kids Under The Age Of 13

"Lego Life" aims to help kids safely engage and interact about all things Lego. It's basically a Lego-themed app with strict comment restrictions and all the ads are for Lego-related items. Users can post images of their creations, follow users and comment on posts with special Lego emoji, shares The Verge.

Young users can create Lego avatars with hair and outfits that reflect their personality, and they can share pictures or videos of their creations with a small circle of digital friends. The app will also offer building challenges as a way to try and jumpstart creativity in kids. The new Lego sets will encourage kids to share pictures of their latest builds.

How The App Works; Safety Measures

When they first launch the app, kids will be asked to create their Lego ID with their parent's email address. According to Engadget, children can't use their real names; instead, Lego invents names for them. A random name generator comes up with a list of three-word jumbles as the child's display name, such as ChairmanSmartDolphin or DarkMonkeyShrimp, and they can select which one they like.

"LEGO Life" is a free download on the iOS App Store and Google Play. It is now available in the US, Canada, France, UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark. Lego has met with groups such as the FTC and UNICEF to make sure the app abides by child safety principles and best practices to keep kids secured online. The Denmark-based company behind the eponymous rectangular building blocks, envisions the "Lego Life" as a central hub for all of Lego's online services.

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