'Nioh' Gameplay Guide: What The 7 Elemental Effects Do & How To Use Them Like Magic

10 February 2017, 10:41 am EST By CJ Estimada Mobile & Apps

The concept of element-based strengths and weaknesses and elemental attacks in games must be mastered to exploit enemy weaknesses. The recently launched "Nioh," a dark, samurai-centric, action RPG, developed by Team Ninja for the PS4 is no exception.

"Nioh" bears many similarities to other super-hard Japanese Action RPGs that have taken the industry by storm. However, the game's elemental effects have some gray areas. Fortunately, its official Japanese Twitter account came to the rescue with some details.

"Nioh" Elements' Nature & Its Elemental Effects

According to VG24/7, understanding the nature of "Nioh" elements & its elemental effects is fundamental in winning the game. The Fire element deals damage to enemies over time when they're hit with it. The Poison element does damage over time too -- and to a greater degree than Fire.

While the Water element increases the amount of damage enemies take over time, you can hit them with water, then light them up with more attacks to see the bonuses. Furthermore, the Lightning element makes enemies weaker in a way that's significantly cool for certain types of tough opponents. It considerably slows the attack and movement speed and can, thereby, be dodged easily, kited around and so forth.

Next is the Wind element. This reduces the enemy's resistance to break and ability to parry. This is a nice trick to wear enemies down with relentless attacks.

While it doesn't have an instant impact like others, the Earth element doubles the enemy's Ki Consumption. This is incapacitating and can, in turn, lead to enemies being fatigued. This makes them open to some incredible power on the attacker's part. On the other hand, the Paralysis element freezes the target in place for a set time, letting the attacker go wild.

"Nioh" Tricks: How To Use These Elements

The effects can be accessed through amulets, which can be used to add elemental damage to the weapon. A player has to be quick and clever and must toss together multiple elemental effects, like a combination of Earth and Wind, which can lead to a really vulnerable foe. The foe can be rushed down in a way that would be otherwise impossible.

Deploying the right element against a boss or tough enemy can turn the tide, and their effects can be stacked for extra damage. Using a Fire amulet, for example, will add the effect of fire, shares RPG Site. As these elements can also be positioned against the Western samurai protagonist, William, players should watch out not to get caught by something awful in return.

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