The Pioneer Rayz Plus Might Be Your Solution To iPhone 7’s Biggest Problem

16 February 2017, 7:07 pm EST By Cris Xander Juliano Mobile & Apps

While the iPhone 7 is arguably the most powerful smartphone in the market today, it isn't without its flaws, most notably the missing headphone jack. The biggest problem of Apple's flagship device is the fact that it can't be charged and play music at the same time due to its single lightning port, unless of course you're using the wireless AirPods.

Pioneer have the solution to this problem with the introduction of its latest headphones called the Pioneer Rayz Plus.

According to BGR, the pair of wired earbuds by Pioneer has a Lightning port pass-through, this allows you to plug the headphones into your iPhone via the Lightning port and plug your Lightning cable to the headphones itself for you to charge the smartphone while listening to music.

There's also another option if you're not that interested in listening to music while charging, the Pioneer Rays, which is basically the same but without the Lightning pass-through.

PC Mag cited that both headphones feature noise cancelling, a programmable Smart Button, Eco mode, personalized settings with the use of the Rayz app. Both also have AutoPause, which automatically pauses the music when you remove the headphones from your ears.

The headphones have a built-in digital audio processor and amp for 24-bit 48kHz processing. Moreover, a feature called HearThru that allows appropriate ambient noises through the noise cancelling barrier. This means you will be able to hear important sounds such as a car horn or your name being called.

The Pioneer Rayz and the Rayz Plus are now available from the Pioneer's website for $99.95 and $149.95 respectively.

What do you think of the Pioneer Rayz Plus? Write and share your thoughts on the comments section down below.

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