‘Clash Of Clans’ Update: ‘Pokemon GO’ A Hindrance; Supercell Needs Follow-Ups To Stay In The Game

16 February 2017, 9:38 pm EST By Ritwik Roy Mobile & Apps

"Clash of Clans" developer Supercell may not launch a new game in 2017 as popularly believed. This seems logical as the game, along with "Clash Royale," is still popular worldwide and generates massive revenues for the developer via in-app purchases. The latter is a money-maker too. Supercell reported in 2016 that its games are played by 100 million people every day. Thus, Supercell should take as much time as possible and develop yet another hit title. There is no need to rush into another new title.

According to Android Authority, a Reuters report revealed that Supercell may test a game in selected markets later this year, it does not have any plans to do so immediately. "Clash of Clans" launched in 2012 and was the second-most top earning app of 2016 whereas "Clash Royale" took the fifth position as the top-most earning game. However, Supercell did admit that Niantic's AR game "Pokemon GO" was a major hindrance and because of it Supercell's revenue dropped.

"In the summer, when Pokemon GO was a huge hit, a taxi driver asked me what would be our counter-attack. I said there's no point in doing something against a competitor, we must only focus in doing what we do best, improve our games further," Supercell CEO Ilkka Paananen told Reuters while explaining Supercell's counter-attack.

Many gaming experts believe that Supercell's success mantra lies in developing only a handful of amazing games and then focusing entirely on them, instead of, releasing a number of games for various audiences. Supercell uses the "fermium" strategy for "Clash of Clans" and others wherein its games are free to download but require in-app purchases. According to Gadgets 360, this strategy has helped Supercell immensely as developing a number of titles and then not creating follow-ups could be a big blunder.

Having said that, even though Supercell is making a lot of money from "Clash of Clans" and "Clash Royale," it still needs to follow-up on its hits to stay in the competition. Stay tuned on Mobile & Apps for more updates.

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