'Pokemon Go' Gen 2 Update: A Slew Of Evolutionary Items Are Headed To Niantic Labs' Mobile Sensation; See Detail [VIDEO]

17 February 2017, 6:50 am EST By Vinay Patel Mobile & Apps

Despite multiple reports claiming that "Pokemon Go" has lost a considerable number of its paying players, the news of an impending Gen 2 breathed new life into the hype surrounding Niantic Labs' mobile sensation.

The advent of Totodile, Cyndaquil and Chikorita, in addition to other second-generation Pokemon, widens the Pokedex of the game beyond the already available 146 Pokemon -- and this is not just because the game developer added a few baby Pokemon, either.

The arrival of evolutionary items is something new to "Pokemon Go." In addition to the candy specific to a Pokemon, some creatures will also require extra item before they can be evolved. Let's delve into the details for "Pokemon Go" Gen 2's special new items.

'Pokemon Go' Gen 2 Update: Evolutionary Item

Just like regular items, players can get hold of evolutionary items in the game simply by spinning Pokestops. While on the bright side, this does not require them to go to the S.S. Aqua or visit any water-based cities in a bid to acquire these special items, but much to the dismay of the players, this also indicates that the items will be acquired randomly. Here's a summary of items players will have to search out once the "Pokemon Go" Gen 2 update rolls out.

Dragon Scale

This item presented Horsea with an alternative evolution in the original game. As soon as it evolves into Seadra, trainers can make use of the scale to take things to the next level and get hold of Kingdra, according to Bulbapedia. In addition to the Dragon Scale, Seadra requires 100 candies to evolve.

King's Rock

Trainers can make use of this crown-shaped relic to evolve Poliwhirl into Politoed in lieu of Poliwrath. For the Slowpoke iteration of Pokemon, this item can evolve Slowbro in Slowking using just the rock and 50 candies.

Metal Coat

A Pokemon carrying the Metal Coat in the original game evolved into a steel type, provided that Pokemon is either a Scyther or Onix. In "Pokemon Go" trainers can get a Scizor or Steelix by tapping the evolve button with a Metal Coat in their inventory. Scyther, as well as Onix, requires 50 candies.

Sun Stone

Trainers can use this item to evolve Gloom into Bellossom (requires 100 candies) or transform Sunkern into Sunflora (requires 50 candies), according to Pokemon Go Database. The Sun Stone bears a striking resemblance to the Thunder Badge that Lt. Surge awards the trainers in "Red and Blue."


This comes in handy while transforming Porygon into Porygon 2 -- and 50 candies for transforming the Normal type Pokemon. Contrary to the series' main game, the upgrade does not come with Dubious Disc that let trainers transform Porygon 2 into Porygon Z.

'Pokemon Go' Gen 2 Update: Evolutionary Items

Evolutionary items were introduced well before Gold and Silver. Quite a few Pokemon including Eevee and Clefairy utilized the stones to transform in Red and Blue. However, "Pokemon Go" didn't include these main game requirements. The return of items for evolutions in "Pokemon Go" Gen 2 update definitely raised a few eyebrows.

Regrettably, Niantic Labs has not yet spilled the beans about their decision to bring back items for evolutions in the upcoming update. Nevertheless, this seems to suggest that the game developer is likely to introduce more changes to the rules about how trainers can get them.

More details are likely to surface ahead of the Gen 2's looming release. Stay tuned in here for more "Pokemon Go" news and updates.

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