[SPOILERS] 'Fairy Tail' 522, 523 Double Chapter To See Zeref Vs. Gray And Another Possible Battle

17 February 2017, 9:10 am EST By Kate Wales Mobile & Apps

"Fairy Tail" manga will see two chapters in the next release as teased from the last page of the previous chapter. Spoilers claimed that chapter 522 and 523 will focus on the battle between Zeref Dragneel vs. Gray Fullbuster and Gildarts against August.

The last chapter of "Fairy Tail" manga saw a wounded Gray meeting with the strongest evil mage, Zeref. By the looks of it, Natsu's older brother is going to take advantage of Gray's condition and will attack the latter without reservations. A report by Tripped Media even said that Zeref is willing to fight his brother's friend to the death.

Does this mean that Gray could die in the upcoming chapters? It remains to be seen if Hiro Mashima would present another demise following Irene's but dear readers on Reddit believe that Natsu might stop the fight. Chapter 521 of "Fairy Tail" manga saw Natsu heading to the guild so it's possible for Natsu to catch the battle and do something to help his friend.

Spoilers also pointed that Gildarts and August might finally face each other in a fight. Some "Fairy Tail" manga enthusiasts reportedly expect to see Gildarts' full potential in the battle. "Fairy Tail" 522 and 522, however, may take a different turn so fans are recommended to take predictions and spoilers with skepticism.

Meanwhile, the last page of "Fairy Tail" 521 teased that the upcoming chapter will present interesting articles about "Fairy Tail" the movie. Those who are interested to see their favorite mage in the big screen should not forget to get the copy of the next release.

"Fairy Tail" 522 and 523 are set to be released on Sunday. In the meantime, tell us what you think of the ongoing arc of "Fairy Tail" manga in our comments section below. Does the storyline get you more interested in following Mashima's Japanese manga series?

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