Facebook Latest News: The Social Media Updates With A New Set Of Emoji

24 February 2017, 10:17 pm EST By Gloven Ramos Mobile & Apps

Facebook is now getting a new set of emoji. After an effort that began in September 2016, Emojipedia testing shows the new sets of emoji designs and is now shown for all the social media website users.

Only users of the website have the access to the full range of emoji including the users of the desktop and mobile websites, but excludes the Facebook mobile applications. Mobile application users will have to at least wait a little longer before they can access to the full range of emoji.

The latest set of emoji includes a full range of skin tones as well as a complete redesign. The color palette has expanded from basic pastels in the old set, to a rich, detailed look which is distinct from other platforms. In addition to this update, this latest update adds all new emoji from Unicode 9 with 2,089 images supported in total. With 469 emoji supported in the last release, this is a large increase.

Emojis for Man in Tuxedo, Pregnant Woman, Prince, and even the Face Palm where seems relevant these days are now available on Facebook for the first time. At small sizes, the smiley characters' work well, in particular the white "gloves" on smileys-with-hands make this clear at small sizes.

It's been a year since Facebook introduced the  reaction buttons that let people respond to content with more than just a classic thumbs-up. Aside from just liking posts, Facebook added a wider range of emotions- "Love," "Haha," "Wow" and "Angry," where each has a corresponding emoji.

Emoji helps people on Facebook to express their feelings and emotions through chat or messages. It is also widely used in different factors, making it one of the useful feature on social media.

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