RIM: Our BlackBerry 10 Launch App Store Will Be The Biggest

11 September 2012, 11:18 am EDT By Jonathan Charles Mobile & Apps

RIM is launching BlackBerry 10 next year as a touch-screen-enabled reboot to its ailing mobile operating system. The company recently said that it will have the largest operating system of any launch device.

"RIM intends to launch its OS with more apps than any other first-generation operating system," RIM Vice President Alec Saunders told CNET. The tech site also reported RIM is holding app events for developers, called BlackBerry Jam. Microsoft is holding similar events for Windows 8 developers as October 26 approaches.

RIM originally planned to launch BlackBerry 10 this year but changed the release date to earlyu 2013. Rumors circulated that Microsoft was considering a buy-out, though RIM denied that it would jump to another platform, including Android. However, the company's value seems to be in enterprise rather its BlackBerry devices. Even its killer feature, BlackBerry Messenger, is losing value to services like iMessage on iOS and WhatsApp for iOS and Android.

Recent data also revealed that RIM is now in fourth place, falling behind Microsoft and Windows Phone 8. Microsoft is only seeing over 100 apps submitted per day, compared to over 700 on iOS, and RIM faces an uphill battle to get developers back on board an operating system which lags behind competitors in terms of app count but also in terms of hardware. Apple is almost certainly going to unveil the next iPhone tomorrow and will generate incredible anticipation and the customary queues outside Apple stores.

BlackBerry 10 launches in early 2013.

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