'Horizon Zero Dawn' Guide: Here's How To Cash In On The Machine Vulnerability [VIDEO]

27 February 2017, 7:30 am EST By Vinay Patel Mobile & Apps

Although Guerrilla Games' highly anticipated RPG (action role-playing) video game, "Horizon Zero Dawn" is still a day away from its long awaited launch, the internet is already brimming with a slew of tips and tricks about how players can come out on top of some seemingly difficult tasks in the game.

In this guide, we will take a look at how you can capitalize on Machine's weakness in the game. It is imperative that players resort to "Horizon Zero Dawn" Robot exploit, a task which can be easily accomplished, as a key aspect of your long-term strategy.

You must also bear in mind that Aloy is capable of scanning her enemies and also knows where to strike in order inflict maximum damage. It's worth noting that "Horizon Zero Dawn" robots are not spared from flaws; they have their distinctive vulnerability and clout. In other words, to take enemies down, you must know exactly where to strike.

'Horizon Zero Dawn' Robot Exploits

Aloy can scan her enemies using focus, and you can activate this ability simply by hitting R3. Once that's done, take cover in grass or hole up in any other place that's free from harm. Hit the button and Aloy will take a gander at the enemy. The scan will draw your attention to the vulnerable places by highlighting them with yellow color.

The yellow spots indicate areas you need to attack in order to take the enemy down by wreaking severe damage. To achieve this, you can employ Aloy's bow, which boasts an array of hurtful armament including tear, freeze, proximity, shock, and fire to name a few. Taking account of the enemy's vulnerability, you must then make use of the best ammunition.

Use Traps

Traps can be very useful, but you require a different bow. You need to develop Shadow Tripcaster as soon as you can, since this is one of the best weapons in "Horizon Zero Dawn." It is accessible, has a moderately good amount of slots and it can shoot Explosive, Fire Shock and Fire Traps. Although it can come in handy while capturing enemies but, take not; it only features shock traps at first, according to SegmentNext.

You can make use of the ropecaster to tie your adversary down, but it's worth noting that after putting up with a certain amount of injuries, every enemy will cut and run from the trap.

Exploit The Elements

Each robot in "Horizon Zero Dawn" has one common defect, Corruption. This is one element which can enable you to transfer killing below and mount specific types of antagonists. However, this is specifically available in a War Bow variant, and the materials to craft the aforesaid arrows can only be found on corrupted enemies, according to ShackNews.

The effect is identical to Overrides, in that, it compels a machine to temporarily fight for you. Watch the video footage for more details and stay tuned in here for more "Horizon Zero Dawn" guides, tips and tricks.

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