'7 Days To Die' Alpha 16: Latest Update Reveals New Zombies, New Buildings & More Found In Developer Diary

28 February 2017, 8:48 am EST By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

"7 Days To Die" Alpha 16 update will bring many changes in the game. It includes Zombies, new buildings, and auto turrets among others.

Developer The Fun Pimps is setting massive changes for "7 Days To Die" as another key update is set to be released for the game soon. Another developer diary about the upcoming update has been recently released. Once again, it revealed all of the new contents in the upcoming update for the PC version, that is, "7 Days To Die" Alpha 16 update.

New Game Changes

The upcoming "7 Days To Die" Alpha 16 update will expand the game's draw distance. Players can see a lot more of Navezgane or any sightings in the randomly generated world when the new update starts to roll out. The upgrade is more aesthetic, which could also be strategically used to help players locate a good area. In addition, the recent developer diary also highlighted improved textures, more as well as more details in most objects found in the game. When it comes to the open-world, the latest "7 Days To Die" Alpha 16 update will bring in new buildings to the game. These buildings will have secrets to explore and things to forage, providing more in-game activities to the players.

Aside from those, "7 Days To Die" Alpha 16 developer diary also revealed the new zombie models in the game. Zombies this time will be more detailed and will be rendered mush smoother than before. In addition, Ferals were revealed to have glowing eyes and will deal double damage. They will also have higher health and will be able to run always. Radiated Zombies will also be included in the upcoming update. These zombies will be glowing all the time while carrying with them radiation damage.

Another interesting addition that was disclosed from "7 Days To Die" Alpha 16 developer diary are auto turrets. These latest form of defense will enable players to defend their bases during the 7th-day horde.

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