Experts Warn Consumers About Buying iPhone 7 Now

2 March 2017, 6:10 am EST By Vittorio Hernandez Mobile & Apps

Because of the rumors that Apple would launch the iPhone 8 with killer features in September, experts are warning consumers not to buy the current iPhone 7. Investing in an expensive iPhone 7 now would not be wise because the speculated major changes in the next flagship would make the Apple smartphone and its accessories useless junk.

Mashable cites a report of Apple’s plan not to have a Lightning port on the iPhone 8 and replace it with USB-C. By doing so, cords to power the gadget or listen to music would become useless. It is not the first time that innovations on a flagship rendered some technology no longer of use.

Useless Technology Now

Another example is the 30-pin connector that matched the iPod’s which was wider than the Lightning port used by iPhones now. The launch of the iPhone 5 in 2012 almost made the connector useless were it not for adapters sold that still made it possible to use the connector.

Besides the USB-C, other speculated new features of the iPhone 8 include a curved screen with an OLED screen to be manufactured by Samsung, better battery life, wireless charging, and front-facing 3D sensor for facial recognition and to unlock the phone. Mashable reiterates its warning to wait for Apple fans who want to upgrade their phones in 2017, otherwise they might end up with a “boring black slab.”

iPhone 7S Specs

Meanwhile, beside the iPhone 8, the tech world is also waiting for the release in September of the iPhone 7S. According to MacWorld, the upcoming smartphone would feature a 3D-sensing front-facing camera and an embedded scanner.

However, the speculated wireless charging feature of iPhone 8 could be limited to that model for 2017, so buyers of the iPhone 7S, if it would launch in September, would have to wait until 2018 to get that feature. The bad part is it may cost more than $1,000.

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