Nintendo Classic Mini NES Stock Update: Shortage May End Soon, As Amazon, Tesco And Retailers Reflect New Stocks

3 March 2017, 5:10 am EST By Lauren Duffy Mobile & Apps

The Nintendo Classic Mini NES has been quite privy to gaming fanatics since its release in November 2016. While the Japanese gaming company attributed the shortage to their failure to estimate the demand for the classic console, it looks like the company is soon catching up with the demand with fresh new stocks.

Nintendo Classic Mini NES has been out of stock (or some stores would get a few stocks) since it was officially launched in the market in November. As GQ reports, everyone wanted to get their hands on one of the most classic consoles of all time as their Christmas gift, but many were disappointed upon hearing that there were no stocks available.

This disappointment forced some to pay outrageous prices of the Nintendo Classic NES Edition from third party sellers, which can go as high as $150. Others, however, decided to be on the lookout for available stocks from retailers that would pop out every now and then.

Back then, Nintendo of America's president Reggie Fils-Aime admitted that the company failed to anticipate the demand for the Classic Mini NES. The company has been trying to keep up with the demand for the classic gaming console, but they are having a hard time producing some of the parts.

It looks like this shortage may end soon, as Express reports on new Nintendo Classic Mini NES stocks arriving in retailers such as Amazon, Tesco and Argo. Although there have been limited quantities being sold in these markets, Nintendo appears to be keeping pace with the continued demand for the console.

Even though it has been months since the Nintendo Classic Mini NES was released in the market, the publication notes that new stocks do not very last long. The stock update for the classic console reportedly goes out of stock quickly, which reflects its continued demand from players who have been wanting to get their hands on one since 2016.

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