'Borderlands 3' News & Update: New Game Coming Up With Better Graphics, New Characters & New Technology? Nintendo Switch Version Not Happening?

3 March 2017, 7:00 am EST By Jai Sabharwal Mobile & Apps

We have some good news for the "Borderlands" series fans. The eagerly-awaited direct sequel to the critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic game is reportedly returning for gamers. As cited through various sources, "Borderlands 3" will continue the story from the second main story title game. That said, we have summed up the main "Borderlands 3" news and updates for our fans for better awareness.

"Borderlands 3" News and Update: The Direct Sequel Might Not Be Named as "Borderlands 3"

As stated by gearbox CEO Rand Pitchford at PAX South 2015, the studio is working on another big "Borderlands" series game, and a new developing team is working on it. At PAX East 2016, Pitchford updated on the game's development status once again. He noted fans that the upcoming game may not be called as "Borderlands 3." He ended the conversation with a statement confirming that original "Borderlands" writer Mikey Neumann is working on the game. In addition, Scott Kester who was responsible for the art direction of "Borderlands 2" will be back for the sequel.

"Borderlands 3" News and Update: Fans Can Enjoy the Upcoming Game, At least Some Parts of it

According to another "Borderlands 3" news and update, fans can take a look at the upcoming title in "Battleborn's Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion" DLC. YouTuber "HandsomeJackBoy" noted of a wall graffiti named "Promethea" and a Vault symbol that was located in this DLC title. For the ones confused, "Promethea" is a planet found in the "Borderlands" games and could signify the setting for the next game in the series. Another "Borderlands 3" update speaks of the character "Scooper" who is the son of Scooter the mechanic. Pitchford stated that Scooper may be a character in the game.

"Borderlands 3" News and Update: The Game's Layout Using Unreal Engine 4

While we still do not have an actual "Borderlands 3" gameplay, we do have an update on a tech demo showed by Pitchford using the Unreal Engine 4. The demo featured the signature art style layout of the game through the new engine. The new game is reportedly going to offer better rendering of the characters, models, and other objects in the game for a much better visual experience.

Another recent update about the game talks about the game's release for the Nintendo Switch, which is apparently not happening. Pitchford noted that the development of "Borderlands 3" for the Nintendo Switch could not be carried on for some unknown reasons. 

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