Mymanu Clik Wireless Bluetooth Headset Translator: Translate 37 Different Languages Offline At The Touch Of A Button?

3 March 2017, 6:50 am EST By Jai Sabharwal Mobile & Apps

Finding it hard to understand a foreign language is quite frustrating. But, with the Mymanu Clik wireless translator, the problem is solvable. This wireless Bluetooth headset is able to recognize and translate 37 different kinds of languages in real time including the likes of Japanese, Spanish, and French.

The Mymanu Clik wireless bluetooth headset translator has been manufactured by the audio company Mymanu to help people detect various spoken languages. There is a powerful chip inside the device that helps translating between languages even in offline mode. With Clik, users will not require an active internet connection. Additionally, the earbuds have a long -lasting battery life of 6 hours on a single charge.

As stated by Mymanu CEO Danny Manu, the Mymanu Clik wireless headset translator is one of a kind device that demonstrates language recognition and translation through the earphones. The new technology has been offered through an ergonomic design that is reported to have a touch-sensitive surface. This means, users will be able to move between various preferences through presses, swipes, and touches. An LED light notification is also reportedly present on the device.

According to Mymanu, the wireless headset Clik's translation engine has been an achievement through dedicated work for over four years. The company claims of the new device to be very speedy and accurate. The device runs with the help of a smartphone app known as Mymanu Translate that offers a voice-to-text interface for Android and iOS devices.

Other than language translation, the Mymanu Clik wireless headset translator is also capable of playing music through various services like Spotify and Apple Music. The company stated that the wearable uses a new CD-like quality audio which enables high-bandwidth with low latency for high quality sound. Moreover, the Clik is able to notify about incoming calls, test messages, and similar notifications. In addition, users will also be able to reach Siri or Google Assistant at just one tap on the surface of the device.

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