'Tekken 7' Update: Eddy Gordo Returns, Will Feature Same Play Style

3 March 2017, 6:00 pm EST By JP Mobile & Apps

Eddy Gordo is probably one of the most recognizable and most used characters in the "Tekken" video game franchise. The Brazilian capoeira master will again dazzle and irritate opposing players with his quirky fighting style in "Tekken 7."

Eddy Gordo first appeared in the third installment of the hit Bandai Namco game franchise. The Brazilian capoeira master also appeared in the 1998 PlayStation version of the same game. The character has appeared in every installation of the game thereafter and now in "Tekken 7."

In the game, the master capoeirista is driven by his quest to avenge the death of his parents. The character's search for vengeance ended in the defeat of Kazuya Mishima in "Tekken 5."

After the fifth installation of the hit video game, Eddy's character has been linked with Christie Monteiro. Christie's grandfather who is also Eddy's master was stricken by an unknown illness. This led the two to join forces and search for a cure.

Eddy Gordo is one of the most used characters in the game. For first time players, the capoeira master's dance like fighting technique is a big hit. The simplicity of his playstyle, though have been criticized by a number of fans, is also one of the reasons why the character is one of the most used in the game.

A palette swap version of Eddy was introduced in "Tekken 3" and was introduced as Tiger Jackson. Tiger Jackson's backstory was not explored in the game. Some fans believe that Tiger Jackson is just Eddy's alter ego.

The "Tekken 7" Eddy Gordo inclusion is no surprise as the capoeira master is a fan favorite. Bandai Namco and Sony PlayStation announced the inclusion of Eddy in the latest installation of its hit game through a new trailer featuring the capoeira master.

"Tekken 7" release date is scheduled on June 2. The Bandai Namco game will be released for the Sony PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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