Microsoft's Recon Tech Special Edition Controller: A Tactical Beauty That's Worth Investing In

23 March 2017, 6:47 am EDT By Staff Reporter Mobile & Apps

Tired of the bland and casual $50 stock Xbox One controller? Apparently, Microsoft has found a way to make things a little interesting for $20 more. The company's Tech Series is offering somewhat of a tactical facelift that is quite a beauty.

The latest remix of the Xbox One's standard wireless controller looks perfect out of the box. It seems to remind gamers of the big and mean green machine from the 80's action movies featuring a rugged jeep.

Referencing things from the 80's seems to show that the controllers mean business. It's most likely that Xbox owners would yap about how expensive the Tech Series is. The good thing is, it only retails for $70, yes you've heard it right, $70 out of the box.

The price is quite a feat already, considering Elite Xbox One controllers cost $150. Luckily, for $20 more, gamers can now have a bad-ass controller for a few more bucks.

The controller's geometric design and a little bit of military chic are quite a perfect pair. The Recon Tech Special Edition also added cool insignia and accents along its body. Plus, the rubberized grip from the back of the controller give players a great feel.

Aside from the aesthetics, the controller also has some added functionality. However, comparing it with the Elite controllers' finely-tuned sensors, the Recon is out-muscled.

It's not that bad, though, the Recon can still hook up to Windows 10 and Samsung Gear VR. Plus it's improved connectivity is already a game changer compared to the stock. A longer wireless range and Bluetooth connectivity for gaming are worth the investment.

The Recon also offers custom button mapping features via the Xbox Accessories App. According to Microsoft, the controller will ship to worldwide retailers starting on April 25. Happy gaming!

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