Nintendo Switch Latest News: Japanese Tech Giant Found A Solution For The Joy-Con Connectivity Issue

23 March 2017, 6:02 am EDT By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

Nintendo seems to have found a solution to a complaint raised be several users. The Joy-Con controller's de-syncing by connectivity issue may have finally found a fix.

Since Nintendo Switch was launched, there have been reports of issues with the left Joy-Con controller de-syncing by connectivity. However, Nintendo addressed the problem by recommending users to avoid nearby sources of interference including aquariums. Nintendo says that it has a simple fix for Switch owners who are experiencing connectivity problems. The company is asking individual owners to contact its customer support team to set up the free repair, which should take less than a week.

A recent report by CNET's Sean Hollister appears that a permanent fix may be on the way. Hollister took photos of his controller before and after Nintendo fixed the Joy-Con Controller. In his report, Hollister said that there are no noticeable massive changes to the Joy-Con but only a piece of what appears to be conductive foam on top of the antenna to protect it from interference. According to Hollister, the additional foam-tastic solved his connectivity problems and removing the foam caused the controller to stop working again until it was replaced.

Nintendo Switch owners who are experiencing this faulty controller issue should contact Nintendo customer support team to set up a free repair. Moreover, Hollister also purchased a new left Joy-Con from Amazon and noticed that it worked perfectly out of the box. Nintendo fans planning to get the console may not have to worry about the problem anymore.

Furthermore, Hollister checks on the newly bought Nintendo Switch Joy-Con and found out that it did not have the extra foam, but appears to have a different internal board. This leads to speculation that Nintendo may be fixing the problem on the manufacturing side with new parts, says Tech Radar.

It can be recalled that Nintendo is aware of the Joy-Con controller issue. However, the company also pointed out that this is not a widespread technical problem. The Japanese gaming giant also acknowledged that they are doing their best to resolve the current issue that was reported by several users. Speculations, however, about the latest Joy-Con internal rework is not confirmed by the company at the moment.

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