Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date & Design Rumor Roundup [VIDEO]

31 March 2017, 6:06 am EDT By Vinay Patel Mobile & Apps

Microsoft Surface Phone has not ceased floating on the rumor mill despite the lack of an official announcement. The internet is rife with all sorts of hearsay, leaks, and speculations surrounding the highly anticipated phone's arrival, but the central question on everyone's mind is will the long-rumored smartphone even see the light of day.

Following the successful launch of the Surface Pro and Book devices, Microsoft could now be gearing up to cautiously launch its Surface Phone. Having learned its lesson from its previous collaboration with Nokia, the Redmond-based tech giant will definitely be watching its steps with the release of this new Surface Phone.

Back in 2016, rumors running rampant online indicated that the Surface Phone will not be launched in 2018, but a year later in 2019. Lining with this, a slew of patents showing a foldable device, which many believed was the Surface Phone found its way on the internet. The aforesaid patents alluded to an early arrival of the Windows 10 phone.

Multiple sources have been indicating that Microsoft is all set to make an impressive mobile phone comeback. A purported patent filing (via TheVerge) for the company's upcoming device added more fuel to the already burning rumors of the Surface Phone's looming arrival. The said filing hinted at a never-before-seen multiple layered phone display. It sports what looks like tiled panels with curved edges, according to BlastingNews.

The curve will reportedly guide the light away from the slits giving the display screen an appearance of one image. Usually, displays with multilayered panels break the user's view of the objects shown on the screen; however, the patent took care of this problem using hinged displays.

Aside from Microsoft, Samsung and LG are hard at works on foldable phones that are likely to arrive in calendar 2017 as well. But according to ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley, who is renowned for her insider scoop on Microsoft's looming releases, the Surface Phone's announcement is not around the corner.

Tech pundits and optimistic smartphone lovers have been hazarding all sorts of guesses regarding the design of the new Surface Phone. One of the Microsoft Surface Phone leaks teased a large screen with hinges that fold into a smaller form factor. The same design was also spotted on various patents filed by Microsoft.

If this proves to be true, the design feature could set the stage for the Surface Phone's great comeback. It would be the first hybrid smartphone to arrive with this kind of revolutionary design.

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