Apple Looses Ground in 2017 Best Laptop Survey to Lenovo, Asus, Dell, and HP

12 April 2017, 8:44 am EDT By Charles Lim Mobile & Apps

For the past six years, Apple had always come on top in Laptop Mag's annual survey of the best and worst laptop brands. However, the Cupertino-based manufacturers have now lost the top spot and even slipped into fifth place in the publication's latest 2017 survey.

According to Forbes, Apple's latest MacBook range of laptops likely didn't really impress its fans that much this year. The company's late 2016 refresh of the product line was also quite underwhelming as it didn't add any significant new feature that complimented its high price tag.

While the new MacBook laptops did come with a new Touch Bar feature, for the high-end variants at least, it wasn't really a function that was integral to the overall usage of the device. The Touch Bar was essentially just a secondary interface, which means that almost all of the toggles and buttons found within it can be found elsewhere on the main screen. Furthermore, the Touch Bar's location meant that Apple had to remove the standard function keys altogether.

According to BGR, Apple also faces some tough competition this year as other manufacturers are ramping up their offerings to rival, or even surpass, Apple's best offering. HP for one offers the highly-praised Spectre 13, which offers the same portability and performance of the MacBook.

Lenovo, with their wide range of ThinkPad laptops, takes the top spot, while Asus with their gamer-centric offerings takes second. Dell and HP take third and fourth place respectively, while Acer actually ties with Apple. The survey takes into account different user experience categories including design, reviews, support, innovations, warranty, and value and selection.

Apple had scored relatively well in the other categories, but it failed miserably in the value and selection category. This essentially means that consumers aren't really finding any value in the company's offerings this year, with some probably thinking that the new products are not worth their premium price tags.


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