Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Latest News: Latest Leaked Images Reflects The Impressive Galaxy S8

14 April 2017, 4:06 pm EDT By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

After the unveilings of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, Galaxy Note 8 is now in sightings. The South Korean company has been working out to release a new member in their phablet family.

After the explosion issue encountered by Note 7, and being recalled, its successor followed more of the features that the S8 duo have. The upcoming Samsung phablet lacks bezels and physical home button, it has curved edges and is also run by Bixby. Samsung consumers are expecting that by the time the Note 8 will hit the market, it will finally have the voice in its supposed to be voice-powered digital assistant, says BGR.

Along with other handsets on the Galaxy portfolio, Note 8 has to fight harder to outshine others especially those in the phablet family released prior to it. Viewing the situation in a normal year for handset products, it could be said that when August comes Galaxy Note 7 will have its final bow under the spotlight just before the lights off. On the other hand, those who are using the Note 5 are most probably looking for the latest innovation. The blasting fate of Note 7, has somehow given way for Samsung to concentrate on S8 to suit as a replacement for Note, according to Forbes.

Samsung is more likely in pursuit of Note 7's users through providing a larger screen size to the S8 duo and even including powerful specs in S8 Plus, says CNET. This exertion of the company might just stay for the next couple of months or maybe three months before the Note 8's launch. After this, the PR department of the company must initiate the promotional works for the new phablet.

Samsung is much clever in handling various products that have close proximity in price and performance. Apple is inept when it comes to this. The South Korean tech giant has dealt with releasing Note and Galaxy S8 with just a six-month difference. The flow between the Samsung smartphone and phablets has been an asset to the company, through this they are still providing satisfaction to all kinds of customers.

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