iPad Pro Mini Latest News: Device To Possibly Release With Stylus Alongside iPad Pro 2

15 April 2017, 11:48 am EDT By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

iPad Pro Mini reportedly might be refurbished and will probably get its new name. Although no abundant details have been released regarding this device but it is more likely to have an update which is reported to be coming soon.

It is said that just like the bigger member of the tablet family of Apple, iPad Pro Mini will also have an A10x chip. It will also carry a True Tone Retina display and a quad microphone for superb audio experience. Tech Crunch reported that the tech experts like Rhoda Alexander and Ming-Chi Kuo haven't mentioned in their review anything about the iPad Pro Mini but according to rumors, there are four iPad models that are under test together with sequential naming.

Just recently, the iPad 2017 has been officially released in the market and that means, only three models are left for Apple to reveal. Speculations are getting high that a 10.5-inch device is more likely to be revealed alongside with the unveiling of the 12.9-inch tablet that will be the largest unit and it is said that the third device would probably be the iPad Pro Mini, says Macworld.

On the other hand, the Cupertino-based company might also have few refreshes in the present year. For instance, the Mac Pro has not undergone any update for the past couple of years. Moreover, the MacBook Pro's features are becoming boring for the consumers because of having the same design and unimportant radical changes.

2017 could be the year for extreme overhauls in the lineups of Apple devices. It has been announced before by the company and gradually they are starting to do some changes. Like what will happen to the iPad, it will undergo some refreshing process and it will come with a more innovative Apple Pencil.

 In line with this, it can be said in a quite sure manner that the iPad Pro Mini will be released with its own stylus also. Looking thing from a viewpoint, all of Apple's Pro models are compatible wit a stylus and in conclusion, if the upcoming Mini tablet includes the Pro features, then it will allow the users to write in its small screen with its Pencil, says CNET. Sometime in May or June this year, the iPad Pro Mini together with iPad Pro 2 are expected to take their debut.

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