Breaking Down Microsoft's May 2 Event: Why The Surface Pro 5 Does Not Matter

17 April 2017, 6:20 am EDT By Staff Reporter Mobile & Apps

Techies are on the watch for Microsoft's upcoming spring event on May 2. Sources close to the matter have said that we should be expecting a mix of hardware and software news.

But sadly, people that are clamoring for a new Surface phone might not get what they want on the said event. Furthermore, the Surface Pro 5 won't be making it to #MicrosoftEDU either.

Instead, the guys at Redmond, lead by CEO Satya Nadella might opt to showcase the new Windows 10 Cloud. Whatever it is that they are planning with their new service might as well be aimed at the growing popularity of Google Drive.

On the contrary, amid the reports and possible things that Microsoft wants to reveal, there is still a likely chance that it will pull off something up its sleeve. Nevertheless, a Forbes contributor might be right on thinking that the Surface Pro 5 is an iterative update.

Revealing a new line of upgraded Surface devices might be perfect for May 2, but it won't generate much of a buzz. Several tech insiders have previously speculated that Microsoft might push to unveil a new Surface Pro model on May 2.

That might have been the most likely outcome because the device hasn't had any significant hardware upgrades since 2015. But that's not the case for #MicrosoftEDU.

If you are wondering why; Microsoft does not need hardware sales to keep it going. Unlike Apple, the Redmond-based company is currently focusing its attention to the increasing popularity of cloud-based services.

Reportedly, Microsoft is moving on from the Office suit and traditional Outlook mail service. Today's version of the company is entirely switching to its OneDrive storage and other subscriptions like Groove.

The gist of the new market focus might even surpass the sales of its hardware products. Apparently, Microsoft's services are available to many operating systems like the iOS, Android, and its rival MacOS. But let's not forget that Microsoft also has Windows for most of its software programs.

In short, it isn't exactly necessary for the folks at Redmond to unveil a new Surface device. They've got their money focused on something else, something that's bigger than the Surface Pro.

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