Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Latest News: Hardware Launch Event Confirmed In May; No New Laptop Reveal Expected

17 April 2017, 6:47 am EDT By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

Reports have already confirmed that Microsoft will hold an event this coming May. This will be the company's tool in unveiling its latest devices and updates, though it is still unsure that the Surface Pro 5 will be one of them.

The Microsoft event will be entitled #MicrosoftEDU and will be happening on Tuesday, May 2, 9:30 AM EDT. In the poster released together with this announcement, a tagline reads Learn what's next. It is presumable that the event will more likely to launch something. However, further details regarding the said event were not revealed.

In the years that have passed, it has been Microsoft's tradition to organize a spring event. During this affair, usually, new products are disclosed to the public. Mary Jo Foley, a noted technology reporter and with the aid of ZDNet, first revealed the Microsoft's spring event. Though this event has already been a talk of the town, still there is no confirmation on what will be the possible product will hit the tech market soon.

The much-awaited Surface Phone and the Surface Phone 5 might not still be ready for the upcoming May 2 event, says Business Insider, which revealed that the information came from the sources close to Microsoft. It was also included on the report Foley had, taking information from her contacts that the Surface Book 2 will not be announced also on the said event.

According to Foley's report, the spring event of Microsoft is nicknamed internally as Bespin. This was taken from the fictional planet in Star Wars, wherein the Cloud City is located. By this, it gives hint to the Microsoft fans on what would be the main attraction of this event, the Windows Cloud that they have already seen in action in the Windows 10 Creators Update test. It has been clarified earlier that Windows Cloud is not Windows 10's downgraded version, but actually it a separate edition of the OS with a simpler interface.

The said event is also speculated to be focused on creation and creativity topics. It is also said that during #MicrosoftEDU, the company will release an update for their software and hardware commodities.

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