Thank You Wii U For Bringing Us The Switch: Nintendo's Hybrid Console Sold 2.4 Million Units In Debut Month

18 April 2017, 4:10 am EDT By Staff Reporter Mobile & Apps

The Wii U might have been a major setback for Japanese game maker Nintendo. But amidst its failure, the company regrouped and eventually brought one of today's best consoles in the form of the Nintendo Switch.

The Switch's release is apparently in a honeymoon stage, breaking old records and setting new standards for the Mario maker. Reportedly, the game manufacturer was able to sell 2.4 million units in March alone, a clear indication that Nintendo has finally moved on from the Wii U debacle.

Notwithstanding its penchant for innovation that saw the creation of the Nintendo Wii, the Wii U just did not have anything else to offer.

The failure might have had pushed Nintendo to take a new direction; luckily it ended up with the Switch. Although it's debatable to credit the new console's success to the doomed Wii U, there is a slight chance that it might have pushed Tatsumi Kimishima and co. to improvise on a radical plan.

As it turned out, the Switch console has been hitting up the charts since it was first released. Undeniably, the magic started when Nintendo had trouble with the Wii U. Hardcore gamers (including me) would want to thank the Wii U's failure for bringing us the Switch.

According to Gamespot SuperData estimates show that Nintendo's newest console has helped it increase its 2017 full year sales. The same research firm also said that full-year guesstimates show that the company might be able to sell an impressive 7.2 million units in 2017.

By all means, the numbers paint a different picture as compared to the Wii U's sales estimates. Even the NES Classic Edition was able to top the Wii U sales with 1.5 million units sold in February alone.

Learning from its experience, Nintendo might have finally made it back to the glory days of the Game Boy and Game Cube systems. Thank you, Wii U.

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