'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Major Events Coming After The Easter Eggstravaganza

18 April 2017, 11:37 am EDT By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

After the success of the recently concluded "Pokemon Go" Easter event, Pokemon fans' excitement will be sustained by two upcoming major updates. This would be happening in spring and the other will take place in summer.

Niantic, the developer of the "Pokemon Go," is constantly updating the game. However, there are still remaining hidden new features in the master code of the game. Pokemon catchers need not worry because these new updates are being revealed and the following series of changes is perceived to be huge. This game, which has been a popular Android and iOS application, could even lure more players through these new updates.

The news about the upcoming updates has been all over the circle of "Pokemon Go" players and they are waiting for it to be launched soon. A message from Niantic said that they are inspired by the passion of their more than 65 million fans worldwide, who continues on playing "Pokemon Go" each month. They message further said that it is just the beginning of the journey and there are a lot in store, waiting to be revealed.

Players in the northern hemisphere, with the arrival of the spring season, can wait for all new cooperative social gameplay experience. This will be a reasonable source of determination for the Trainers to go out and get back into the sunshine. "Pokemon Go" players can easily get hype to this but for now, there is no more information about what could be expected in this new social gameplay, says Express. On the other hand, some leaks have been out to the public saying that a Gym revamp will be included as well as new raids system. This might be considered a big change in the "Pokemon Go."

The first possible phase of this change is the "Pokemon Go" spring update, incorporating some new Gym gameplay mechanics. According to Polygon, it will allow a different way of interacting with a Pocket Monster. Players can also enable monitoring option while their Pocket Monsters are guarding the Gym. Together with this, they can receive notification regarding their battle status, whether they won or not.

Another addition to the update is the ability of the player to feed their Gym Pokemon with berries, however, the question still hanging if this is only for the new special kind or it can be extended to those that are already present in the game, reported WWG.

As of now, the complete mechanics in the raid system is not yet revealed but Niantics might use this as a medium to smoothly introduce the Legendary Pokemon.

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