Samsung Galaxy S8 Passes With Flying Colors On The Latest Scratch & Bend Test

20 April 2017, 11:18 am EDT By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

After being under a scratch and bend test, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has triumphantly survived. Having a physical feature made of glass and metal body, it may look fragile but the latest flagship of Samsung proved its durability.

For mobile users who are wise enough to spend an extra penny for a high-quality device that can be used for a longer time, Galaxy S8 is quite a smart choice to have. JerryRigEverything, a YouTube channel by Zach, especially showcases smartphones durability tests. While most of the tested devices received a passing grade, some, on the other hand, have remarkable outcomes. According to Zach, Samsung's flagship phones are really well built since the company released the Galaxy S6. It only shows that the company is in a great effort to make devices that are aesthetically sought after but internally tough as well, noted Wccftech.

Under the scratch test, any mark from a razor blade cannot be found. It is because both sides of the device are covered with Gorilla Glass 5. Not only that the camera is also made up of glass but what is more fascinating is that the LED flash is safely located under this layer. Marks that would be left by keys, coins, and razor blades are not a worry anymore. The sensors are also safe under the glass cover.

In addition to its façade, the Galaxy S8 is without a single plastic in its components, says Android Police. This provides a solid weight with integrity on its structure. After the burn test, a white mark was left where the flame was applied, but there is no trouble with this, for it is a fact that it's just normal for the device using a Super AMOLED and OLED display to have this mark. According to Zach the plus factor on this aspect is that he had to apply the flame three times on the display before the mark appeared.

Going to the bend test, as the Galaxy S8 is well built, the device only showed an insignificant flex. It is because of its glass panels that provide the device a strong structure and will be easily crack after a bad drop.

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