Samsung Galaxy S8 Latest News: Users Complain Display Giving Off Red Tint

20 April 2017, 11:32 am EDT By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

Samsung has considerably improved its latest devices in the market for the last couple of years; however, the issue about its Galaxy Note 7 made tech enthusiasts hesitant about its latest releases. Speaking about the safety of smartphone battery, this company has really done well and more than that, it created an amazing flagship phone in the process.

Right now, the mobile phone industry considers the Samsung Galaxy S8's display as the best. Although sometimes being the best is just an inch distance from defect and this will entirely destroy the user's viewing experience. Though at this point of time, Samsung is not criticized for a trouble on the device's battery, Galaxy S8 currently heats up in a new controversy. It is said that the display of the devices emits a red tint, reported Wccftech.

Several complaints together with some images reached the Ppomppu and Ruliwed, popular tech community websites, coming from customers who pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. Based on the complaints, there is an excessive red tint on the screen that interrupts the supposed amazing viewing experience, reported Engadget. The phrase, "Galaxy S8 Red Screen" is one of the top searches in South Korea, according to Naver, largest search engine that country. Behind this ruckus, Samsung is not disturbed even a little because according to the company, the red tint is not related to the quality of the device's display.

Users are advised to simply open the phone's settings and change the display's calibration according to their preferred visual comfort. Though it might look as simple as that, however, customers who went to service centers for the hope that their phone will be fixed but allegedly they were told to change their units. There were no clear information if the said customers got a free replacement for the trouble or if they actually changed their phones.

ZDNet published an official statement from Samsung, saying that in order for all the Samsung phone to meet the company's high-quality standard, each of the devices has undergone thorough tests. Furthermore, Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus has rich and expressive colors for the vivid visual experience because of its Infinity Display with applied Super AMOLED.

Samsung was previously under a controversy about exploding batteries, which is a major issue and if this trouble about a red tint in the display is true, this can't also be considered as a minor one.

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