iPhone 8 Latest News & Update: Next iPhone Might Get A Late Launch

20 April 2017, 11:43 am EDT By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

In celebration of iPhone's 10th anniversary this year, it is said that Apple is set to release three new models. The first two handsets are speculated to come with boosted enhancements while the third one is a thoroughly remodeled premium iPhone.

iPhone fans may get a bit hyped, though these three devices will be unveiled at the same time, but taking a complete grasp of them might only happen later this year. According to Bloomberg's report, customers will have to wait one or two months. This is for the reason that manufacturing these high-end devices is more difficult. Mac Otakara, a Japanese website, shares the same insight with this, as what it has reported previously.

Furthermore, the design of the new device, according to The Verge, is the reason for a prolonged time of manufacturing. It is said that it will have a larger screen with curved edges, probably an OLED display, which covers almost the entire front façade, notably the same as Samsung Galaxy S8. Some of the rumors stated that the first two handsets are considered to be revisions of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with similar sizes of screen, a 4.7-inch, and 5.5-inch. All of the three upcoming iPhones will be powered by 10nm A11 chips of Apple. This specific chip is even more potent and energy proficient than the 16nm A10 Fusion CPU found in the iPhone 7.

On the other hand, the Cupertino-based company is also said to be currently experimenting on how to incorporate the fingerprint sensor right into the device's screen. It may also a factor why there is a delay on the release date of the new devices. In addition to the new features the latest iPhones will have, it might include an innovative 3D front-facing camera, which will come with depth-sensing capabilities, says BGR.

However, it is still unclear how this feature will be done on the device. Bloomberg also said that a dual-camera setup on the front of the device might be possible and an infrared sensor might be added, according to Apple analyst KGI Ming-Chi Kuo. Reports also noted that Apple is still testing several designs that would be carried its upcoming flagship, the iPhone 8.

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