Mastercard Latest News: Credit Card With Fingerprint Sensor Launch To Fight Against Fraud

21 April 2017, 10:26 am EDT By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

MasterCard has already brought innovations such as the swipe-to-pay and chip-and-PIN as an easier way to pay bills without the presence of an actual money. For its latest invention, the payments giant will integrate fingerprint sensors on credit cards.

MasterCard will have this new invention to fight in-store fraud. Currently, this technology is still in the trial period in South Africa. A sensor will be embedded in the plastic of the card. It will just allow payments authorized by the customer through fingerprint and not just a PIN code or signature, reported Mac Rumors.

Store and business owners need not buy any new hardware because the new biometric credit card will still work on the current chip-and-PIN readers, however, the older magnetic stripe-only terminals will be obsolete. As for the fact that fingerprints can't be taken or replicated, MasterCard's security chief, Ajay Bhalla stated that the fingerprint sensors will provide additional convenience and security.

Though this sounds reasonable enough, however, it is doubtful if the case of iPhone 5s, Apple's first device with fingerprint sensor will be cited. According to ZDNet, after its debut, iPhone 5 was bypassed in a matter of days. Another case of failed fingerprint sensor is what happened to Samsung Galaxy S5, which was tricked by security researchers. Just a recent incident, the fingerprint sensor of iPhone was hacked and the engineer was reversed and led to the creation of high-resolution photo of German defense minister's fingerprints.

The Verge notes that MasterCard have not said anything yet how the fingerprint sensors will help eliminate online fraud but it will continue doing trials and even expand to Europe and the Asia-Pacific regions. Soon the global release of it is expected to take place before the year ends.

A few months ago, there was also an invention that in a credit card that will include a three digit security code on the back of the card. These codes will change every hour and it is almost impossible to guess the right code at the time.

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