Amazon Unveils its New Alexa-equipped Echo Look Smart Camera [VIDEO]

27 April 2017, 5:52 am EDT By Charles Lim Mobile & Apps

Amazon has just unveiled a rather quirky new product that utilized their artificial intelligence-driven virtual assistant, Alexa. Instead of just being a speaker, the new Echo Look is a new device that will supposedly be able to "see" and help users take photos and even judge their outfits based on the current fashion trends.

The upcoming new Echo Look is basically an Amazon Echo that has been retrofitted to sport a new camera system. The camera is equipped with some very advanced features including depth sensing capabilities and a "computer vision" system. Obviously, the camera can be used to take photos via voice commands. Users can also ask Alexa to record short videos and then save them for later viewing.

According to GSM Arena, the boldest claim that Amazon has made about the new device is that its camera will apparently be able to judge a user's outfit via a built-in feature called Style Check. The device apparently runs the pictures it has taken through an advanced machine learning algorithm, which then determines if an outfit is a good look based on different trends, styles, and fit.

Users can take two photos of two separate outfits and then ask Alexa to choose which one is the best. According to Amazon, Alexa will adapt accordingly and will be able to get smarter in time. Aside from giving fashion advice, Alexa will also be able to give users fashion suggestions and offer new brands and styles to try out as well.

Aside from the new feature and camera, the Echo Look will be coming with same advanced functions as the Amazon Echo. As of the moment, Amazon is only making the new device available on an invitation-only basis. This move is similar to how the first Amazon Echo was launched, which means that it should become available to the rest of the public very soon. The new Echo Look will be sold at $199.99 retail.

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