Nintendo Unveils a New 2DS XL Handheld System Out of the Blue [VIDEO]

28 April 2017, 12:52 pm EDT By Charles Lim Mobile & Apps

With the launch of the Nintendo Switch, which is capable of being a portable gaming system, a lot of fans had thought that Nintendo might be benching its 3DS line of handheld gaming systems for good. However, that is apparently not the case as the company has now suddenly unveiled a brand new handheld video game system, the new Nintendo 2DS XL.

Nintendo unveiled its new product completely out of the blue yesterday and even released an entirely new trailer to showcase some of its new features. The Nintendo 2DS XL is basically a 3DS XL without the 3D-capable screen. The new product is also relatively much slimmer and lighter than the previous model but is equipped with the same size dual screens.

Unlike the 2DS, which was originally launched in 2013, the 2DS XL now comes in a clamshell design that allows it to be more portable than its predecessor. The fold-up design also allows for much larger screens to be utilized, which is always welcomed by handheld gamers. The new handheld gaming system also now boast a much faster processor and beefier internals, which means that it should be capable of running all of the titles available to it without any lags or hitches.

According to Tech Crunch, the new 2DS XL will be a great purchase for those who haven't yet bought themselves a 3DS. For those who don't really care much about the 3D functionality, the new console will offer up much more value as it is relatively much cheaper than the 3DS. Despite paying less money, users will be getting a bit more value given the addition of some new features.

The 2DS XL is equipped with a new C-stick and ZR and ZL buttons, which was first introduced on the new 3DS XL. The system also has NFC built-in, which means that it will work with all existing Amiibo figures. As per The Verge, the new handheld is set to be released on July 28 along with two new launch titles, namely "Hey! PIKMIN" and a new Mii-based role playing game. The unit will retail at just $149.99.

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