Facebook Latest News: Content Owners Can Now Claim Ad Earnings Of Pirated Videos

30 April 2017, 8:14 pm EDT By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

Video creators have the chance to profit from their uploaded videos that have been pirated with others. Through the Rights Manager, Facebook is giving owners the monetary value of their copied video without permission.

Last Year, Facebook has already rolled out this feature that allowed the use of video matching software that automatically detects when a video is reposted or ripped off. YouTube is also offering this kind of technology, with the aim to protect video makers. It is called Content ID, reported Recode. The main purpose of this is to easily identify and manage the content of what is being uploaded on the site.

Once a video is uploaded to YouTube, it will be scanned through a database of files of the videos that have been submitted by content owners. Then, copyright owners have the privilege to decide what will happen when a video's content is the same as what they have. If the video has a match. It will receive a Content ID claim. When it comes to Facebook's Rights Manager, video owners are given two options. The pirated video can be taken down or just leave it as it is to enable additional reach, says Engadget.

However, the social media site is now offering a third option. Video owners can now generate income from it. Through the mid-roll ads that run during the pirated video, they can make money out of it. According to Facebook, a share from the money generated from ads can be claimed by video owners. One of the Facebook's goals is to be a premium video destination. However, because of users pirating content issues in the past, it has not able to push this through. By this new Rights Manager option, the company is taking a very vital step in order to fulfill one of its goals, according to Tech Crunch.

It is inevitable that video creators won't hand down their works without any assurance or monetary compensation. As it is already known, YouTube has already done this. Instead of taking down the pirated video, copyright owners are earning from it. This is already familiar to Facebook also and this is the reason why the company is in rigid promotion for the Rights Manager in order to have more premium video content on their site.

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