Samsung Launches its New Marshmallow App, An Advanced Parental Control App

1 May 2017, 1:02 pm EDT By Charles Lim Mobile & Apps

Samsung has now launched a brand new service called Samsung Marshmallow. No, it isn't a brand new operating system that will rival Android Marshmallow, but instead is a brand new parental control app that will make it easier for users to keep track of their children's smartphone usage with very minimal supervision.

Google doesn't particularly have the trademark for the "Marshmallow" name, but it is still quite strange why Samsung had decided on using the name anyway despite it possibly causing some confusion to users. Nevertheless, the new app is here and it seems to go beyond the typical functions of a parental control app as it also offers tutorials specifically made for children to teach them to have proper smartphone usage habits.

Within the app, parents can set up different restrictions such as bedtimes, the number of hours allowed connected to the internet, and block specific apps to be used. All of these are enforced when the smartphone is shifted to what Samsung calls "Marshmallow Mode."

Additionally, the app offers a reward system for kids, which allows them to earn points, or in this case "Marshmallows," which can be gained by following rules and "good online behavior." According to Android Authority, kids can then use these points to get additional access to certain apps or to exchange them for toys and other stuff that their parents can buy for them when they earn a specific number of points.

The reward system encourages children to adhere to the rules set by their parents, which is also of course so they don't form abusive smartphone habits. This is a good way for parents to take control of their children's smartphone usage, without having to resort to drastic measures that might not really be effective in the long run.

Unfortunately, Samsung has restricted the use of the app for its own devices. Non-Samsung phones cannot run the app as it will be tagged as "incompatible." The app is available for all Galaxy S models, Note models, A models, and J models. Users can download the app now on the Google PlayStore.

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