Space X Latest News: Company Postpones Classified First US Military Launch

1 May 2017, 1:30 pm EDT By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

Last Sunday's launch attempt of SpaceX was interrupted by a first stage sensor issue which the company did not specify. Fortunately, it was detected just a minute before the lift off happened.

In an article from Arstechnica, there was an incident last 2014 that SpaceX perceived that the US Airforce is in favor of a certain competitor in the commercial launch industry. Because of this, the company filed a case against the federal government. According to the premise of the lawsuit, the US Airforce, without considering another possible bidder for the launches like SpaceX, had already purchased 36 rocket cores from United Launch Alliance.

The lawsuit for anti-competition never gone too far for the reason that the government negotiated a deal with SpaceX, which was not made in public. After that, 14 of that Air Force missions were open for bidding and eventually, Falcon 9 rocket from SpaceX was certified to be a potential provider for military and national security agencies' launch services. Last Sunday was supposed to be the SpaceX's primary payload since 2015 when it had received its certification. However, the company's supposed first flight with a national security satellite turned out to be the first attempt, says The Sun.

According to Space, SpaceX have waited for so long to find a place in the competition for national security launch market, which is considered to be very profitable, on the other hand the press release that the company published for the Sunday launch is composed of bit direct shot to its competitor, the United launch Alliance, regarding the difficulty of the latter to compete when it comes to the price. Previously it was reported that the former vice president of engineering of ULA, Brett Tobey, had nonchalantly spit out a statement in a University of Colorado-Boulder seminar that SpaceX has offered launch capabilities with a price one-third lesser than what their company offered. Apparently, Tobey dis not noticed that it was recorded and later on posted. This event eventually led to its resignation. Meanwhile, a webcast is being offered by SpaceX for its launch and a coverage for its first landing attempt.

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