Amazon Underground Free Android App Will No Longer Be Available By 2019

1 May 2017, 1:37 pm EDT By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

Amazon has launched the Underground two years ago. This is a program which enables the users to have free access to paid Android applications as well as on in-app purchases, however, this is about to come to its end.

It may sound unbelievable but Amazon was able to run this promotion since 2015. The online retail store offered apps, games and in-app ad-ons with nothing to pay at all. It was able to pull this through by Bezos & Co. compensation with the developers depending on how long an app is being used. If a developer is nixing any fees, Amazon will pay per minute, reported NDTV.

Amazon was able to introduce also to its customers' various applications they might think never existed or does not catch their interest. As of now, Underground can still be downloaded to Android devices on Fire tablets, it is pre-installed but unfortunately, this app's life is nearing its finality as the retail giant has already announced that it will shut down the said service and it is only available until 2019, said Tech Crunch. Despite the announcement is out, Amazon hasn't said anything regarding the reason for the shutdown.

It might be implied that the retail store has found new ways for the developers to generate profit. Through other products like branded t-shirts with game characters on it, developers were able to earn income aside from the application they made, reported Engadget. This can be checked out in the Merch by Amazon. Customers of Appstore can also save on every game they download on Amazon Appstore through the Amazon Coins which can be bought with a discount and a 70 percent revenue share can be acquired by developers. The Underground free app store can still be accessed until summer, even if the Android device is from another manufacturer. This is not available on Google Play, so those who want to avail it, it can be accessed on its official website. On Fire tablet, it is available even until 2019, however, Amazon will no longer entertain any request beyond 31st of May, so everyone is advised to make the most of what is already in there.

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