Snowden Felt Vindicated As NSA Pulls Back Surveillance

1 May 2017, 1:40 pm EDT By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

In this present day and age, the appearance of whistleblowers once in a while in the media, revealing anomalies and malpractices is not a new thing. Just like what Edward Snowden did in 2013, a former contractor for NSA, who leaked some documents about the spying programs and techniques of the said agency.

Previously, there was also a Wikileaks document that shows allegations that CIA has the capacity to hack almost everything. According to Snowden's post on Twitter, he said that the leak is seemed authentic and it is generally a big deal, as what also reported by Mashable. He even added that the WikiLeaks document was credible and must be taken seriously, which is mainly about the alleged covert program of CIA that enable them to crack the system of iPhone, Android as well as the Samsung TV.

He also said that it can't be possibly discovered unless the information came directly from the inside. In addition, Snowden also said that the government is probably working on something with a sole purpose of making a software vulnerable through developing in US products vulnerabilities and then keep the holes open intentionally, in which he then exclaimed as reckless beyond words. Last Friday, Snowden again posted on his Twitter account saying that people who said that speaking up is not worth the risk are wrong. For him, blowing the whistle is equivalent to changing the world.

Prior to this, there is an NSA policy that prying unnoticed on exchanged text and email messages between Americans and those who are the US. This is to monitor if, during the communication taking place, a certain non-American target of NSA surveillance is being mentioned. They can do this with a complete freedom. However, last Friday the agency announced that regarding this form of collection, they will participate no more, reported Tech Crunch. Through this, the whistleblower then considered this as winning. Behind this announcement of NSA, ACLU made a point by saying that, despite it being publicized, still it can be changed. Somehow it made the people notice that the power and rights of a government entity can still be subjected under retraction.

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