Leaked Render of New Fitbit Shows Uninspired Design

2 May 2017, 5:47 pm EDT By Charles Lim Mobile & Apps

Just a few days ago, several reports had emerged revealing that Fitbit will be delaying the release of their upcoming new smartwatch offering. Aside from that, there weren't really any details yet regarding the unannounced product and what it would be bringing to the table. Now, new reports have seemingly revealed the possible final design of the new Fitbit smartwatch and unfortunately, not a lot of fans are excited about the company's new design direction.

A recently published report from Yahoo Finance has now revealed what seems to be the first ever official render of the new Fitbit smartwatch. The subjectively uninspired design seems to resemble the company's previously released Fitbit blaze product, which was technically its first real smartwatch.

The design itself sports an aluminum box encasing all of the device's components. According to Android Authority, the design seems to be a functional decision as it will allow users to easily switch different watch bands without much fuss. The watch itself also supposedly sports a new color display that has an increased brightness when compared to previous products.

As for the features, the new smartwatch will reportedly sport a GPS chip, a heart rate monitor, an NFC chip for wireless payments, and a four-day battery life. Music functionality will reportedly be Pandora-based, but there isn't any confirmation yet if the product supports other streaming music services.

Additionally, Fitbit is apparently planning to include an unspecified IP certification that would make the device water and dustproof. However, reports have claimed that the company may be having problems pulling this off and they might end up scrapping the feature altogether.

Fitbit's new smartwatch was originally planned to be released this spring. However, due to problems with the GPS antenna, the company is reportedly delaying its product's release to the fall of this year. The smartwatch is expected to be sold at around $300. Users can also reportedly purchase a separate earbud accessory for $150.

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