T-Mobile Announces its Plans to have Largest 5G Network in the Country [VIDEO]

3 May 2017, 9:21 am EDT By Charles Lim Mobile & Apps

The concept of 5G, or the fifth-generation mobile network, aims to significantly change the landscape when it comes to connecting to the internet by providing not only significant speed boosts but a wider reach and higher density of data transfer. T-Mobile has announced that they will be jumping into this new technology as they revealed their plans to have the largest 5G network in the country.

According to CNET, T-Mobile's claims may be somewhat exaggerated as the technology they are offering isn't the actual 5G that consumers have been expecting. The focus of the company's expansion of its network isn't really focused so much on speed, but an expansion of their coverage in the different areas across the United States.

5G typically utilizes an extremely high-frequency range to be able to stuff in as much data as possible, while also delivering it as fast as possible. However, T-Mobile's system actually operates on a lower bandwidth, which in itself does have the advantage of covering longer distances. The company's plans in expanding its 5G network involve the use of a network of radio waves, which it has recently purchased in a government auction.

According to GSM Arena, the 600 MHz spectrum that will be utilized by the company will reportedly be used to expand its reach much further that its current setup. The lower frequency will be able to reach further from its source towers and it will also be able to penetrate deeper into building walls, which means that searching for a signal inside a large office building may become a thing of the past.

T-Mobile's competitor, Verizon, recently responded and stated that the company's claims seem to be just a "public relations stunt" as opposed to being something that it truly revolutionary. Nevertheless, when the service does roll out, T-Mobile will be able to claim the title of having the first nationwide 5G Network in the US.

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