Microsoft View Mixed Reality Is Gearing Up For Its Release Later This Year

3 May 2017, 4:00 pm EDT By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

Together with the latest launch of Windows 10 S, Microsoft View Mixed Reality is also getting some preparations which are said to roll out later this year. As part of the company’s campaign for technology in education, mixed reality will be brought to classrooms.

Devices using Windows 10 now have the ability to embrace augmented reality through Microsoft View Mixed Reality. It is about overlaying digital images over the real world, CNet reported. A Special headset needs to be worn in order for AR to work but with the View Mixed Reality, the camera and display of a laptop can be used. It is one of the features included in the newly released Windows 10 S operating system intended to be utilized in classrooms.

Even the simple webcam can paint a 3D object just by using the 3D Paint and it can be made to appear into the real world. Microsoft showed off this technology by citing an example if a teacher wants to discuss the Mars rover, its relative size can be viewed by students through the View Mixed Reality, Engadget stated.

Aside from this, other mixed reality experiences using a special headset were shown during the Microsoft event. The Verge also quoted Microsoft saying that the creative industries for 3D will have 7 million new jobs and this is in the North America alone. This pushes Microsoft to engage with this technology in order to have a foothold in this area in the coming future. Microsoft View Mixed Reality is another addition to the Creators Update released just a month ago.

Along with it are new apps such as Paint 3D and View 3D. The purpose of these apps is to allow users to create their own 3D image and view it on the screens of their PC. This was the company’s first step for 3D technology and this will be updated into mixed reality probably this fall. Microsoft is currently working with Pearson Education. This partnership will aid the 2018 school curriculum by providing 3D and MR devices. STEM or science, technology engineering, and mathematics, as well as commerce and history, are among the subjects which are expected to gain from this technology.

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